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episode 11, page 29

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once again, he is reading [this page] of phantomarine, lamenting phaedra and cheth's relationship. so glad to have hana back. he's such a delight.

as i am posting this there are only 61 HOURS TO GO! on the Kickstarter!

there are still outfit design and icon commissions, which will not be open again until the next KS (at least a year away), as well as the 'Get Into KoS' sets, which are also KS exclusive (and conventions, but. i dont do many of those)


as a reminder, if we get to $2000, all physical orders will be getting these cute charms! everyone!


panel 1: hana rolls onto his back and raises his hands, lamenting. hana (in english, but implied to be in scottish gaelic): "they're NEVER going to get along at this rate..."
panel 2: hana notices kiigari looking at him.
panel 3: they stare at each other as the music keeps playing on hana's tablet.
panel 4: hana sits up quickly, looking away nervously. hana: "OH- oh hey!" he looks at the tablet he had been using. hana: "I was just- I was.. uh.." he trails off. hana shuts the tablet quickly, smiling largely and nervously. hana: "studying!"
panel 5: kiigari watches as hana crawls down the bunkbed ladder. hana: "studying... something.. for the work i'm doing!"
panel 6: kiigari stares down at hana. hana: "something important."
panel 7: kiigari leans in closer to hana.
panel 8: kiigari leans down further, looking displeased at hana's very obvious lying. hana: "and relevant."
panel 9: kiigari continues to glare, then raises an eyebrow. kiigari: "what are you wearing?"
panel 10: kiigari looks down at hana, who lifts his arms a little to look at what he's wearing. hana: "hm?"

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  1. I have missed his little teeth so much

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