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episode 12, page 5

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tera (grinding her teeth): i KNOW i'm supposed to respect his feelings but i REALLY want to tell him that this is stupid and i'm right :/

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panel 1: Bon finishes his thought from the previous page: "for someone who can't." Tera and Aoife look away, skeptical but also uncomfortable. Baby is looking at Aoife, she doesn't really know what's going on.
panel 2: Bon stares at them all for a moment, and then frowns, continuing: "I will do. ANYTHING-"
panel 3: Bon looks to be speaking to Tera in particular, he's frowning less, but still earnest. Bon: "if it get Hana out of here."
panel 4: Bon goes back to glaring. Bon: "and I won't let anyone." he glares harder and points his finger up to make a point. Bon: "you OR him-"
panel 5: he places a hand on his chest (still glaring). Bon: "risk that for MY sake" he swings his arm out. Bon: "EVER again."
panel 6: we can't see Bon's face, as we're now facing towards Aoife and Tera, who are looking more uncomfortable than skeptical now. Baby is still looking unaffected. he continues: "he's... always thinking about other people.. putting their feelings and needs above his own... but no one does the same for him."
panel 7: Bon looks to the side, he has more trouble making eye contact when he's not being angry. Bon: "doesn't matter if it includes me..." he smiles sadly, continuing: "it'd be better if it didn't..." he droops, troubled. Bon: "I... I just..."