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episode 12, page 9

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(slaps her hands away) quit that

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panel 1: the Maighstir puts a hand on Hana's shoulder as she walks behind him. Hana looks away, trying to avoid eye contact. Maighstir: "working hard, little ceannach?" Hana: "tha- er-! y-yes, ma'am." she puts both her hands on Hana's shoulder, leaning over him slightly. Maighstir: "and you enjoyed the folder I sent you?" Hana, looking the other way, still trying to avoid eye contact: "yes, ma'am."
panel 2: the Maighstir sticks her hand down Hana's shirt slightly, rubbing on his chest. Hana is very nervous about this. Maighstir: "such improvement on your manners, dear! it gives me.. GREAT pleasure to see that. looks like the reports on you were right."
panel 3: the Maighstir leans over Hana's shoulder and pinches his cheeks together with one hand. she recites a line from the report she mentioned: "'has shown aptitude towards obedience when conditioned with verbal or physical discipline.' so very, very simple."
panel 4: she stands up and turns away from Hana, who pulls his jacket a little tighter, still looking quite nervous. Maighstir: "this place is so... barbaric like that, isn't it?"
panel 5: the Maighstir continues: "abandoning your child because it hasn't developed 'properly'. selling them for some quick cash.." Hana looks down sadly.