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episode 11, page 28

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HANA!!! HE'S BACK!!!!! what's he reading? well, one of his favorite webcomics, Phantomarine! specifically [this page]

6 DAYS LEFT ON THE KICKSTARTER!!! if you want a standee, please grab one! i will not be stocking those after the KS. also, if you want a commission, GET ONE NOW!! i don't see myself opening them up again until the next KS which will be......... a long ways away (at least a year, probably more)


panel 1: kiigari walks through the dragon forge, an eyebrow raised at all the strange technology. from further inside, someone is singing. unknown singing: "leannan-s├Čthe, chan eagal leam gun... " translation (approximate): "fairy lover, I'm certain that..."
panel 2: kiigari puts their ear next to the door where the music is coming from to listen better. unknown singing: "cha chuir sinn i" translation (approximate): "we can't row against it"
panel 3: kiigari is surprised by a loud yell coming from behind the door.
panel 4: kiigari accidentally slides her hand past a motion detector on the wall.
panel 5: the door opens. the room has a little dinner table area on one side and bunk beds on the other. kiigari spins around to find hana sitting on the top bunk eating chips and reading a webcomic. hana: "Phaedra!!" hana (in english, but implied to be in scottish gaelic): "you can't just stab people's hands!!"

3 thoughts on “episode 11, page 28

  1. I mean, you can just stab peoples hands, there are just usually consequences

  2. Stop reading Phantomarine and get back to work, Hana
    *says me reading comics during work hours*

    1. he is a bad boy who does not play by the rules

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