FINALLY you say FINALLY JACKI WE CAN SEE IT yes but for all you king stans out there… (i know there’s quite a few of you, in the kos discord lmao) i thought you’d very much appreciate this one.

big ole congrats to chocoloverforlife!! (on tumblr) for this menacing and very pretty king, we love to see it

as always (and as you can tell from how long it took me to decide lmao) it was……….. RIDICULOUSLY hard to choose. cause they’re all different!!! and they’ve got different amazing things about them and yeah. it just makes me so happy to see them. like… people like this guy enough to spend time drawing him! wild!! thank you THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who entered and i’m sorry i couldn’t choose all of you 🙁 but i still kind of did. cause yall will still be in the back. bc i love u and ur work <3

i’m thinking maybe we could do the full size + close up like I did with ep 8, cause i liked that a lot.

with the cover chosen…. hopefully i can get preorders started soon?? unless people have strong opinions, i’ll probably just bring preorders just back to the kos store.. kickstarter was interesting but………. it ended up really drawing out the process a lot longer than i’d like it to.

here is a little preview.. of what will be available with the ep 9 book.. i’m hoping to do something LIKE the kickstarter where there will be stretch rewards based on how many orders are made, but that’ll just be handled by.. me. and not ks.

next cover contest will be ms priomh and…. greyscale! really excited to see what ppl do with that. but, again. will be announced later. first things first. thank you again for your beautiful entries <3 you really did the king better than he deserves hehe

2 thoughts on “EP 9 COVER CONTEST WINNER!!

  1. Yay!!! Episode 9!! Absolutely beautiful, and the charm is so precious. That little blep! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ っ♥ Also oh yes please use the KOS store for preorders again, having to rely on backers to fill out their surveys in a timely manner can be quite frustrating, both for the creator and other backers. Regardless of what platform you choose, Very Excited for the preorder!!!!!

    1. good to know!! yeah it was pretty frustrating waiting on surveys to finish up, ty for enjoying!!

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