Main Cast:


Eternally optimistic about the world and pessimistic about his own abilities and potential. A fool with a big mouth which he cannot keep shut. Just wants some friends to care about.

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Described by his mother as “the most despicable, deplorable being to ever befoul this land”. Has done enough to make people consider that accurate. Lava flavored dead man.

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The smartest person you know. Completely reshaped transportation across the globe. Is working on viewing dead people as people. Gets nervous talking to girls.

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Eternally nervous. Skills are due to perseverance instead of any talent. Really wants to believe the castle is only a little secretly evil and is still mostly good. Will be disappointed.

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Edgelord deluxe. Murders on command. Thinks wizards and magic are overrated. Desperately trying to impress her boss with the murdering. Likes animals.

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Somehow got wrapped up in all this. Fears magic but is trying to be cool about it. Loves her siblings more than anything. Tends to be extremely blunt.

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The High King, Marek:

King since he was seven. Murdered his father at seven. Is definitely cool about it and not traumatized. Makes questionable decisions for questionable reasons.

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Sometimes a dragon, sometimes a little girl. Really wants to see Hana again, but will settle for Bonbon in the meantime. Likes warm places. Easily portable.

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The Maighstir Cu:

Wants to make you feel bad. One half of the King’s closest advisors. Ex-girlfriend of the other half. Has many evil deeds up her evil sleeves. Causes problems on purpose.

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The Priomh Draoidh:

Believes people are there for her to use for research purposes. One half of the King’s closest advisors. Was broken up with by the other half. Tera’s instructor.

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