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    KINGS OF SORTS COVER CONTEST FOR EPISODE 11!!!! ENDS 18-FEB!  i apologize for the short time frame for this one.. but with TCAF in April, i want to make sure ep 11 book is up and ready to go with […]

  • KoS 3 Year Anniversary!

    3 years and 600 some pages!! what a ways we have come. i just want to take this moment to thank everyone who’s ever enjoyed KoS, previous version included. your kind words have encouraged me through the bit of a […]


    WOW!! COULD IT BE REAL? COULD KOS FINALLY BE RETURNING?? yes on KoS’s third anniversary, episode 11 will begin. if you want to catch up or to refresh yourself on the goings-on, now is the time to do it! there’s […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #9

    OUR LAST COVER SPOTLIGHT! for this break and for the Kiigari covers at least. this entry is by ThatHimboMoof (previously Kaijujuart), who also made the cover that actually won the contest! i absolutely adore the Mononoke vibes of the Kii […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #8

    BACK AGAIN!! with a gorgeous cover from bronzeflower on tumblr! original post here i love love LOVE the painterly feel of this one. so very cool seeing all the little strokes going into making up the full picture, a lovely […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #7

    a beautifully crisp cover submission from Gael ! gael_in_mood on ig !! [original post] go give them some love i just love how clean this is, it’s got sort of thick lineart like how kos usually is, but is WAY […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #6

    TWO!! LOVELY COVERS from @m_art_i on twitter! i love the simplicity of these, makes sure you concentrate on the most important thing (our beloved kiigari). the silhouettes especially, i love them (and fluffer… looks rly cute so you know im […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #5

    an extremely stylish entry by snekyeggs! go check them out i adore this style so much, kiigari looks so cute (and fierce, of course, which is cute to me), and i love big pupper fluffer. LOVE IT!!!!!!! also it’s baby’s […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #4

    A VERY EXTREMELY LOVELY ENTRY by LBBart !! ( twitter / tumblr ) definitely go check him out! i love love LOVE the sun rays, its so dynamic, the (i forget the proper word, forgive me) the way the pic […]

  • Cover Contest Spotlight #3

    a very epic and spooky kiigari entry from callaxe on tumblr (previously macanoises)!! the glowy eyes……… i love it sm. plus, you know, she looks like she’s getting ready to murder me, which is so in character.  thank you again […]