What is Kings of Sorts?

Kings of Sorts is a fantasy/sci fi comic about a mountain dwelling, dwarven tech enthusiast and the people he meets along the way as he is torn from his quiet mountain home. 

After technology was outlawed following an event that destroyed the world’s infrastructure, society has been built back using it’s second most popular science: magic! Hana, now Cadia’s only tech-expert, has lived hidden away in a mountain for most of his life. However, a decree from the King of Cadia is about to throw him into ulterior motives, wicked machinations, and magical atrocities.

If you like sci-fi, fantasy, traditional art, heartfelt conversations, funny faces and good fashions, Kings of Sorts may be an enjoyable comic for you!


Jacki @crabbng (your author) is obsessed with fantasy and sci fi, magic and fantastical future tech. They are also a quality engineer by day, with physics and astrophysics degrees, and is going for their masters in data science. I have way too much going on.