Ep 8 Cover Contest Winner!

episode 8 cover has been chosen!! with the very last entry JUST sliding in before the time limit, big congrats to Alex McGregor / @alienbeans on tumblr

the simplicity, the soft glow, the framing with the branches, YOU LOVE TO SEE IT!! and you know i love a good pattern lol

i say it every time BUT PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ENTERED BECAUSE IT’S ALWAYS TRUE… IT WAS SO HARD TO DECIDE!! and there were SO MANY good fashions in these entries, i was both living because they were all so good and dying because i knew i’d have to choose one. :((

i’m hoping to arrange them so that both the full image and a close up are included, the number of entries was between not many and a fair amount, so while there is more space than on the first few episodes, there isn’t enough to get them each their own page (without adding a bunch of extra pages in and upping the price of the book)

once the PDF is formatted, i’ll send that out to everyone who entered, so do look forward to that. also, i’m… trying? to put together a kickstarter for this round of preorders, idk if i’ll like it but i want to try it once and see if i like it.

ep 10 cover character and color is up on the sidebar, no official posts for that one or ep 9 yet, no dates have been settled on, but likely it’ll be… probably january? for ep 9? i’ll make an announcement when it starts up for real though.

THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED!!! i’m so blown away by the creativity and the skill and the range of different styles!! as i said above, fashion was HUGE in this contest and i was SO!!! SO HAPPY that yall had fun with it. for real. legitimately heartwarming. anyways, i’ll wrap this up, thank you again and i look forward to future entries!! if you haven’t gotten on the cover yet.. keep trying!!!

i said i’d wrap up but ALSO it’s SO!!! SOOO!!! COOL seeing people who have put in multiple entries like.. gain skill and make progress and just change and grow, i LOVE watching yall improving (not to say any were BAD in the first place, cause i feel like this can sound like that, but you can be good and just become gooder, you know??) okay love yall bye

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