Episode 1

“A monster, a wizard, a hunter, a warrior, and a mysterious boy. What secrets do they hold? What adventures will they find? Will they find out the true treasure is friendship? Probably.”

Hana’s quiet mountain life is thrown into chaos when a decree is announced that there will be a great reward for the surrender of those who are suspected to have investigated strange old ruins from a time long past.

Episode 2

“Our heroes journey truly begins! Hana and Bon set out from the underground city, with Kiigari and Teraat hot on their tales. What will happen when it all comes to a head?”

Hana and the boy sent by to drag him back to the castle have escaped from the village trying to turn Hana over to Teraat and Kiigari, who were also sent to drag Hana back to the castle. They escaped.. right into the strange old ruins they aren’t supposed to be exploring.

Episode 3

“From awkward Luncheons to futuristic galactic models, our five heroes continue their adventure. Join them as they discover nihilism can be positive, and that many spies.. have many eyes..”

Hana enjoys traveling for the first time he can remember and Bon grapples with his duty to bring Hana back to the castle. Kiigari and Teraat try to catch up, while also trying to figure out why it seems like the trail they’re tracking can’t decide which direction to head.

Episode 4

“With Bonic now caught, and Kiigari and Teraat appearing to have the upper hand, will Hana be able to resolve this situation peacefully?”

Hana ignores Bon’s warnings and tries to strike a friendship with Kiigari and Teraat as their stuck in an abandoned fortress during a rainstorm. Teraat and Hana both do some teaching and Bon finally explains himself. And while Teraat and Bon are resting, Kiigari and Hana make a deal.

Episode 5

“Hana’s now in the castle with the very people who sent the order that threw his life into upheaval. Will he be able to bargain for Bon’s freedom? And who is testing Tera in this crystal spire?”

Hana arrives at the castle and meets the very charming and intimidating King, and all his advisors. Tera enters the crystal spire under the city and undergoes a series of tests, where she has to confront her past. Chaarose returns as Hana’s appointed guard during his stay at the castle. Bonic researches dragons. Hana and the Maighstir have a tense confrontation, sending the Maighstir storming out. Tera is given a decision and Bon is visited by a guest.

Episode 6

“Hana and Chaar uncover something unpleasant in the capital city, while Tera uncovers some long forgotten knowledge. Will Hana be able to get to the bottom of what’s going on in the castle? What will come of Tera’s time in the spire? And will Bon be able to survive an encounter with another BàsBeò?”

Kiigari meets with the Maighstir. Teraat meets with the entity who has been testing her and receives a powerful gift. Bonic spends some time with another BàsBeò, and does some terraforming. Hana visits the capital city and discovers some unpleasant truths.. Chaarose struggles to hold everything together. The King plots.

Episode 7

“Hana, Chaarose, Kiigari, Teraat and Bonic all struggle to find the best way forward. But with all the plots in the castle.. Will they be able to? The action is over for now, but the danger has only begun.”

Teraat and Bonic are staying in Hana’s house. Hana’s on house arrest in the capital. Will Tera be able to connect with Bon and forge a friendship? What awaits Hana when he is able to leave his room? Just what schemes are being planned in the castle? And how does Hana fit into it?

Episode 8

Hana attempts to stand his ground, but it’s three against one. Can he triumph over the King, the Maighstir and the Priomh together? Or will he become just another pawn in their game?

Hana struggles to make good on his promise to free Bonic, but finds out that will be a lot more complicated than he expected. Bon and Tera are trying to make plans to rescue Hana, but find a Baby-shaped wrench thrown into their plans. And what lies beneath the castle is finally revealed…

Episode 9

“Plans are being set into motion,  both outside the castle and within.  But is it already too late for Hana?”

Hana refuses the castle’s offer to fix their dragon forge. Kiigari threatens Hana, Chaar takes Hana out to a festival, and the King schemes over what will be done with Hana. Bon, Tera and Aoife set off in hopes of finding a way to get the upper hand on those inside the castle.

Episode 10

“Bon gives a truly spectacular performance, but is there more to this little song and dance than meets the eye? And what is to become of Hana, now property of the crown?”

Hana struggles with how wrong his plans have gone. Chaar gets some surprising news, and a warning. Bon sings his heart out and Tera discovers there’s something strange about his performance.. Aoife tries to stay level-headed while in a community that embraces magic.

Episode 11

Currently Ongoing

“A figure from Hana’s past brings some hope to his dark situation. With the castle set on breaking him, how long will he be able to keep it?”

Hana receives a message he was meant to hear years ago. Chaar struggles to decide which path to take. Kiigari is given what seems to be an impossible assignment. Tera and Bon travel to a library to find some very rare literature.