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episode 11, page 1


panel 1: hana looks up, shocked and yells "Aya?!" He then looks down, looking for something, and says "h-hold on-!" and "let me-" (implied to be in his own language).
panel 2: zooms out to see the screen with aya on it and hana below her. aya says "Hana-" "tha mi cuilich nach urrainn dhomh a b-bbb-hitch ann.." the transmission is broken up and in scottish gaelic. hana says "fix...", continuing his line from panel 1.
panel 3: aya continues talking, which is written in english, but implied to be in scottish gaelic. she says "my power has been depleted more quickly than i had expected-" she is interrupted by a loud "AAAAAAA" sound, but the transmission continues "and I will no l onger to able to transmit to you." hana rubs the back of his head and says "that's as good as I'm gonna get it, I think.." implied to be in scottish gaelic. aya continues, being interrupted occassionally. "I was hoping this would occur when-" [you] "were older and could travel alone safely. but the choice is now out of my hands."
panel 4: aya continues talking, the frame is centered on her face. "if all goes to plan, you will receive this message on your 18th birthday! In this case, Happy Birthday!" the "Happy Birthday" is implied to be in english, the rest in scottish gaelic.

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  1. “Happy birthday! Sorry to hear you’ve been thrown into bondage and servitude”

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