Ep 7 Cover Contest Winner!

episode 7 cover has been chosen!! big congrats to @honeybitz (on tumblr)

i couldn’t resist!! having a traditionally drawn cover!! it made me so happy to see, i love seeing the marker lines on there, as someone who does.. exclusively traditional art, it was just really nice to see. I WAS TOUCHED. i love knowing this is physically out in the world right now. plus look at lil yahuul there. just vibing. you love to see it.

anyways once again it was a terribly hard decision, i complained about it everywhere lmao, it’s really hard!!! to choose!! but! once again, since there were a pretty low amount, i’m gonna be able to fit them all in as full pages!! so i’m happy about that. NOT THAT I DONT LIKE LOTS OF ENTRIES i just like being able to show them off. bc they are all lovely.

once i get the pdf together, that will be sent out to everyone who entered! look forward to print preorders for ep 7 AND ep 6 june 1st!

also the next two cover characters and their colors are up on the website! not official posts, i dont have dates for the contests yet (it’ll be a while) but if you wanted to get a head start on either of them, they’re up there!

thanks again to everyone who entered!! i REALLY!!! REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! yall make these books happen, i dont know if you know how much i appreciate your help

next contests are listed on the sidebar of the home page, but i dont have dates for them yet! i will announce them when i do <3

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