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episode 11, page 23

bon is a problem child and he always has been

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C/O Imagine Dragons

Demons haunt these stories. Sometimes they're mental, and sometimes they're very, very real. Whether running from the oppressive existence of before, or trying to get to the bottom of a deadly plot, these stories have their work cut out for them. HI THIS IS JACKI I LOVE BOTH THESE COMICS V MUCH! CHECK THEM OUT!

XII: Rogues and Remnants
XII: Rogues and Remnants - It's magical girls living under a heavily restrictive society, on the run as domestic terrorists.

Tamuran - The tale of a kingdom in the jaws of an ancient grudge. When a forest elf tries to warn the capital of a terrible curse engulfing the wilds, he finds himself out of his depth and caught up in plots beyond his ken. But he and a motley assortment of vagabonds, shapeshifters, and monsters may become a doomed kingdom’s last hope.


panel 1: bon stares at nothing, he's got dark bags under his eyes. two hands come from the darkness to grip his shoulders. unknown voice: "it had to be done." bon jerks his shoulder away and the hands disintegrate. unknown voice: "it-" the voice is interrupted by bon. bon: "yeah, I fucking KNOW! why do you think I-" bon is interrupted by tera from offscreen. teraat (offscreen): "BON!"
panel 2: tera glares at bon, raising her hands to demand an answer. tera: "what the hell?! why'd you scare our 'in' away!" bon turns to glare back at tera.
panel 3: tera and bon are arguing as people pass by, looking nervous about the argument. naiwun walks by calmly and is unnoticed by bon and tera. bon: "it's YOUR fucking fault for bringing me with-" tera: "MY fault?!" bon: "I TOLD you-" tera: "how is YOUR cantakerousness MY fault-?!"
panel 4: tera slaps her forehead. she facepalms. teraL "UGH" she pulls her hand off her face, looking frustrated. tera: "we're not doing this here." she turns to walk away. tera: "hopefully this Marsione person will still want to talk to us without Ajieti."


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  1. The first panel is certainly the face of someone who has their life together perfectly (😢)

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