Ep 11 KS Pre-launch Page Live!!

On the left: a mockup of book 11. On the right, books 1-10 showing the covers made by various artists in various styles. Under the books is the Kings of Sorts logo.

check it out!! and sign up to get notified on launch! [HERE!]

here are some of the goodies, just to remind you:

yahuul charm and hana/bon 3 pc standee, available with the book or as add-ons!

on the left: a charm with yahuul riding a mix between a yak and a slug. text underneath reads: "yahuul + yak slug charm! (about 2 inches)" on the right: a chibi hana and bon standee. text in upper right reads: "chibi bon and hana standee. about 3.75 inches high by about 7.5 inches long by about 3.75 inches wide. with holographic finish!"

the TOME of outfit designs is getting a reprint and will be available for purchase as an add-on!

outfit design commissions! only available during the KS and in limited number!

and a stretch goal of $2000 where all physical object orders will get these two VERY cute charms!!

so yes, check it out, sign up to be notified on launch! [HERE!]

also, as a note, all other books will be available in sets of 5 for the KS (1-5 and 6-10). individual books will be available after the KS in the store here!

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