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episode 11, page 20

oops oops oops oops oops uh oh oops oops oops, bon ur not being very fun rn

Comics of the Week of Feb 06 - 12

White Rabbit

C/O Janis Joplin

Playing in court or playing at court, these bands of travelers are headed down the rabbit hole of intrigue and suspense.


Court of Roses
Court of Roses - A ragtag group of bards travel together to solve a murder mystery!
[Court of Roses Webtoon Mirror]

Kings of Sorts
Kings of Sorts - A fantasy/sci-fi comic about the struggle to remain kind in an unkind world. wait hold on this one sounds very familiar
[Kings of Sorts Webtoon Mirror]


panel 1: bon looks troubled. aji continues from the last page. aji: "because they were afraid they'd turn into... the person who destroyed their home."
panel 2: aji and bon look at each other in silence. bon is facing away from us, but we can see aji is very concerned.
panel 3: bon looks angrier. aji (off-screen): "aren't you going to say anything?" bon glares and finally speaks up, yelling. bon: "what do you WANT me to say?!"
panel 4: bon looms over aji. we don't see his face, but aji looks startled and scared. bon: "you want some RATIONALE?! some platitude that'll make sense of it all?"
panel 5: bon continues to loom over aji, but we can see his face now. he's angry and looks threatening. bon: "there ISN'T one."

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  1. Don’t let your guilt drive away your friends Bon, it’s harder to go alone…

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