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episode 11, page 21

bon: i'm going to make myself sooo unlikable-

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White Rabbit

C/O Janis Joplin

Playing in court or playing at court, these bands of travelers are headed down the rabbit hole of intrigue and suspense.


Court of Roses
Court of Roses - A ragtag group of bards travel together to solve a murder mystery!
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Kings of Sorts
Kings of Sorts - A fantasy/sci-fi comic about the struggle to remain kind in an unkind world.
[Kings of Sorts Webtoon Mirror]


panel 1: bon is frowning, angry. bon: "you want an apology?" he raises his hands, frowning but grinning now. bon: "for what?! it's not gonna bring your beloved dead back!"
panel 2: ajieti looks at bon, shocked and fearful. bon (off-screen): "it's not gonna clear lungs! or build homes!"
panel 3: bon points at ajieti. he's not smiling anymore. bon: "NO. YOU just want something to help YOU sleep at night."
panel 4: bon looms over aji, glaring. aji looks unsettled. bon: "but trust me. you'll never find anything for that."
panel 5: a wide shot of the library entrance. people are walking around aji and bon, looking at them nervously. bon glares at aji, who looks back at him with concern. a sign on the wall with rainbow letters says "thank you for visiting!" it clashes with the mood.

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6 thoughts on “episode 11, page 21

  1. Hey Bon, pretty song you were singing earlier! BTW how’s that “not pushing everyone away from you so they don’t want to question you or ask you to do better” thing going for you? Oh. Oh yeah okay, I see. Could be better.

    1. 😬😬💦💦💦💦💦

  2. Oh Bon, noooo

    1. 😔😔😔 unfortunately.. bon, yes

  3. Something makes me think you’re protecting there Bon…

  4. fam i have read it all and i love it

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