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episode 11, page 13

bon and baby share a snack......... bless..... and bon is maybe not wanting people to see his face so much

and what's this..? comics of the week? wow cool, check these out

Week of Jan 09-15:


C/O David Bowie

All things change. From a couple brothers thrust into adventure, to a Fairy General coming face to face with the results of past actions, things will never be the same again.


Brothers - Postmasters Sprout and Oz become unlikely heroes after discovering a magic mailbox! A Postmaster's work is never done, especially with routes this deadly!

broken - A fantasy/horror story about a psychic zombie kid and a fairy general trying to help each other survive PTSD, a fascist government, and eldritch abominations.
[broken Webtoon Mirror]


panel 1: a busy street in tode balan. bon sits on a bench outside a hair salon. some of the people from the restaurant during bon's performance in ep 10 are out here! naiwun, basmilis, basim, ryieti, kuvias and some patreon ocs!
panel 2: in a series of three images, bon and baby share some fruit from a cup. bon is using chopsticks to eat and to hand fruit to baby.
panel 3: two people are looking at bon and whispering.
panel 4: bon is turning away from the two people and pulling his hood down to cover more of his head.

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