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episode 11, page 14

tera treats herself, as well she should

Comic of Week: Jan 09-15:


C/O David Bowie

All things change. From a couple brothers thrust into adventure, to a Fairy General coming face to face with the results of past actions, things will never be the same again.


Brothers - Postmasters Sprout and Oz become unlikely heroes after discovering a magic mailbox! A Postmaster's work is never done, especially with routes this deadly!

broken - A fantasy/horror story about a psychic zombie kid and a fairy general trying to help each other survive PTSD, a fascist government, and eldritch abominations.
[broken Webtoon Mirror]


panel 1: tera has come out of the hair salon, hair now in many braids. they're supposed to be box braids but they're not drawn detailed enough for you to tell. she is flipping her hair back. baby sits on bon's head and they both look at tera. tera: "ahh! I haven't had my hair in braids for so long! I missed it!"
panel 2: bon has gotten up from the bench. he sighs and looks at tera fondly as she twirls around, hair flying.
panel 3: bon places his fruit cup in a recycling bin. tera goes through some small pieces of paper. tera: "she even gave me some additional styling sigils to sample!"
panel 4: bon looks at tera incredulously. bon: "you've got like... thirty magic degrees. can't you make those yourself?"
panel 5: tera looks at bon like he has said something incredibly stupid.
panel 6: bon is crushed into the side of the panel by tera's long explanation of hair magic. tera looks pleased to be lecturing. she is very smart. tera: "salon magicians practice for YEARS to do this correctly, the sigils themself are incredibly complicated! they must be attuned to each person, their head shape, hair texture, length of hair, rate of hair-" the rest of the text goes off the page.

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