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episode 11, page 2

THE COIN!! damn. that bottom left is one of my fave hana faces.

panel 1: aya, on screen, says "and I apologize- I have not given you any gifts for the past five years." hana comments, rubbing the back of his head "a little longer than five..." aya's message continues: "I hope you and Baby are well- has the egg hatch-" she is interrupted by static.
panel 2: hana, distressed, tries to fix the loud static. he says "aaah! LOUD!!" the then sighs with relief as the static ceases and aya's message continues "-ections."
panel 3: aya holds up two fingers on one hand and five on the other. her message continues, but is frequently distorted and interrupted "my body and operating system-" "located on the island ship Cuileag-Lasrach." "you will be able to ping the ship on-onon-ononon- 25-50 kHz"
panel 4: aya's face is distorted by static. her message continues: "ship is A- Flight level B, airway UF568, p-pp-p--- 40 North, 30---" her message cuts out.
panel 5: hana flips out when the computer announces "so sorry for the inconvinience [user]. you will need to verify you r identity to view the rest of this message." hana says "AAAH!? WHAAA-"
panel 6: the computer continues: please bring your [key item] closer to this hologram-" the text is interrupted by hana wailing "AAUGH-! the coin!" as he covers his face.

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  1. 25-50Khz? That’s awfully low frequency. That range straddles the VLF and LF bands.

    1. yep! i wanted it in a range used for navigation. pretty low energy, easier to sustain for a long period of time. he’s not pinging to talk to anyone, just to find them.

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