Kings of Sorts: Episode 5


Graphic novel, full color, 68 pages

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Episode 5 print version!

“Hana’s now in the castle with the very people who sent the order that threw his life into upheaval. Will he be able to bargain for Bon’s freedom? And who is testing Tera in this crystal spire?”

Hana arrives at the castle and meets the very charming and intimidating King, and all his advisors. Tera enters the crystal spire under the city and undergoes a series of tests, where she has to confront her past. Chaarose returns as Hana’s appointed guard during his stay at the castle. Bonic researches dragons. Hana and the Maighstir have a tense confrontation, sending the Maighstir storming out. Tera is given a decision and Bon is visited by a guest.

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