Kings of Sorts: Episode 3


Graphic novel, full color, 64 pages

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The story continues!! Episode 3 now in print! Available in standard and the copies with the printer error.
The printing error is there are two repeat pages in the book. nothing is missing! just.. two repeats. but i feel really bad and guilty so i’ve made them very cheap.

“Our heroes journey truly begins! Hana and Bon set out from the underground city, with Kiigari and Teraat hot on their tales. What will happen when it all comes to a head?”
Hana enjoys traveling for the first time he can remember and Bon grapples with his duty to bring Hana back to the castle. Kiigari and Teraat try to catch up, while also trying to figure out why it seems like the trail they’re tracking can’t decide which direction to head.

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Standard quality, Printer Error

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