Cover Contest Spotlight #6

TWO!! LOVELY COVERS from @m_art_i on twitter! i love the simplicity of these, makes sure you concentrate on the most important thing (our beloved kiigari). the silhouettes especially, i love them (and fluffer… looks rly cute so you know im here for that lol)

original posts: [1] [2]

i decided these would work better as blog posts, which is why this is here and not with the pages.

i’m still working on ep 11! it’s!!! coming! i have decided though. episode 11 WILL start on Dec 24th (KoS’s 3rd anniversary) whether i’m completely done with it or not. mostly likely updates will be small until i’m certain i will finish.. before it does lol.

other note is that: stuff is still in store! and i’m planning on putting the cheap charms out for trick or treaters, so if you would like one, plz go check out what’s left! [here] there are also plenty of ep 10 and ep 1 reprint books left, but only 3 outfit tomes! do check out the store if you haven’t already.

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