two ayas, one holographic and one robotic, reach for each other through a digital barrier. over robot aya's head floats her robot bunny friend. 
text on top reads: "KINGS OF SORTS EPISODE 11, jacki @crabbng, cover by: Lea V.T."

BIG THANKS TO LEA V.T. FOR THIS GORGEOUS ENTRY!!!! THE LINES!! THE FABRIC!! THE REACHING FOR EACH OTHER!!! the robo bunny……… so cute… i love how dreamy this is. legit got emotional from aya being stuck as a hologram, unable to really interact with the real world, or as a robot, unable to connect to her ai self and really function…….. EMO HOURS HERE…….. but in the best way

the entries were so lovely this time around, i loved seeing the interpretations of a character we don’t really know that much about! warms my heart.. aya was actual the MC of a comic i made and scrapped years ago so its SOOOO heartwarming to see her get her day in the sun like this… the time you took out of your lives to draw my girl… i really do appreciate it <3 thank u to all who entered. i will be sending you all the Ep 11 book version PDF as soon as i get it finished!!

There WILL! be a kickstarter for this one! though its still under review. should be ready by Feb 23rd, and then it will begin March 1st! i will be making another post when that gets fully approved so y’all can sign up for notification on launch!

some teasers for you………..




i apologize for the short time frame for this one.. but with TCAF in April, i want to make sure ep 11 book is up and ready to go with plenty of time for edits and such before (basically. to not repeat what happened before SPX….)

the lesbian flag. orange, lighter orange, which, pink and darker pink

the episode 11 cover will feature… our holographic friend from the first few pages of ep 11! AYA!! and the color is this completely random color palette i found.

idk i just really like the colors. (this is a joke)

some hot aya tips:

her holographic form is pretty versatile! can be changed however she (or you) wants. the main things that’d stay consistent would be the blue parts of her face, her hair, and her hooves (because i love them). check out the images under this for more variety, and her robo-form!

a reference image for aya from kings of sorts. she is a pink humanoid, with elf ears, two buns, and two pieces of hair coming down in front of her ears. her facial features are bright blue, and instead of feet she has hooves. she's wearing a light pink dress. text above head: "holograph form (entirely digital)" text pointing to hair: "wires" text on left side of face: "no nose" text pointing to bottom of hair piece: "glows!" text near arm: "skin can be any color in holo-form! like a v-tuber (sort of)" text near feet: "her hooves!" all other text are color notes.

and here are some more aya images for inspiration!


1) i want these to be easily sourced to the artist so please post it on whatever social media you use, tag me and use the tag #koscovercontest (i’ll be reblogging/rting all of them)

2.1) when you’ve done that PLEASE EMAIL ME a link to your post and the actual pic to [crabbng@gmail.com] so i dont miss any! (and also so i can contact you easily if u win!) 

2.2) email me the background you’ve made! (just the pic without the character)

2.3) please include how you would like to be credited for your work! i.e. name or @ or both

3) submit your own work (obvi), multiple submissions are just fine! and if you won last time, go ahead and enter again!

TEMPLATES/REFERENCES: there are templates available to show you where the title/author/cover artist name will be for the final version, these are just for your reference only! please ONLY submit your artwork. 

references can now be found in the same place as the cover templates!
templates/references can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GCBZB80zON_VEu28RCB3Ct2Vt9s7A8EK?usp=sharing


the cover (plus trim) is 8.75”x11.25” (300 dpi), the end result for the cover will be trimmed to 8.5”x11” by me, but keep that in mind while deciding on how to design your cover. PLEASE adhere to these specs! wrong specs can lead to an otherwise perfect piece not being chosen. 


starts now, ends Feburary 18th! so get them posted and emailed to me by then. it doesn’t matter if you send it in earlier or later in the timeline, all will be considered equally


the winner will (obviously) get their pic to be the cover and i’ll send you a free printed copy of Kings of Sorts Episode 11! and whatever is in the preorder pack. planning on having a hana and bonic chibi standee!

all entries will receive a free PDF copy of episode 11 when the book is formatted! which will likely be way before the rest is publicly posted so. just fyi

Cover Contest Spotlight #9

kiigari glares at the viewer with one hand on fluffer's nose. fluffer looks aggressive and very cool. burning embers fly around them. text reads: "Cover by - Kaijujuart" (instagram and twitter symbols follow). "Crabbng" (with twitter, instagram and tumblr symbols to the left). "Kings - OF - Sorts"

OUR LAST COVER SPOTLIGHT! for this break and for the Kiigari covers at least. this entry is by ThatHimboMoof (previously Kaijujuart), who also made the cover that actually won the contest! i absolutely adore the Mononoke vibes of the Kii and Fluffer entry. especially Fluffer’s face, it came out so snarly, i love it. check out both of their entries and give them some love.

[og post]
[contest winner post]

and with that, our cover spotlights cease for the time being! kings of sorts will return on 24Dec2022 with episode 11, so look out for that!

kiigari and teraat ride their laama deer through an autumn forest. teraat is pointing at something and kiigari is leaning back to look.

in the mean time, the zine i’m in – “Battle Damage” was just fully funded! there’s rumors of a secret sticker stretch goal though, so do still check it out [here]!! thank you so much for sticking with KoS and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got up my sleeves!

a promo image for Battle Damage: a beat 'em up anthology. green circle shape with text reads: "KICKSTARTER". text reads "BATTLE DAMAGE: a mini artbook zine". in the back there is a split image. first half is a lava form bon, you can see his bones through his lava parts and his eye is messed up. second half is a very bloodied bon, looking very pleased and licking the blood coming out of his nose.

also a reminder to check out the store!

Cover Contest Spotlight #7

a beautifully crisp cover submission from Gael ! gael_in_mood on ig !! [original post] go give them some love

i just love how clean this is, it’s got sort of thick lineart like how kos usually is, but is WAY cleaner than kos turns out haha. and i love the matching fluffer and kiigari eyes, wonderful, WONDERFUL!!!

ALSO a heads up that i have two bon pics that will be featured in the BATTLE DAMAGE zine! an anthology of ppl getting beat up (we love to see it), there’s some mini prints as well and maybe some secret stretch goals if we get there 😮 check it out [here]!

a promo image for Battle Damage: a beat 'em up anthology. green circle shape with text reads: "KICKSTARTER". text reads "BATTLE DAMAGE: a mini artbook zine". in the back there is a split image. first half is a lava form bon, you can see his bones through his lava parts and his eye is messed up. second half is a very bloodied bon, looking very pleased and licking the blood coming out of his nose.

other reminders: kos ep 11 is starting dec 24th! the kos 3rd anniversary <3

also a reminder to check out the store, the trick or treaters got a lot of the charms, but there’s still some available!!

Cover Contest Spotlight #6

TWO!! LOVELY COVERS from @m_art_i on twitter! i love the simplicity of these, makes sure you concentrate on the most important thing (our beloved kiigari). the silhouettes especially, i love them (and fluffer… looks rly cute so you know im here for that lol)

original posts: [1] [2]

i decided these would work better as blog posts, which is why this is here and not with the pages.

i’m still working on ep 11! it’s!!! coming! i have decided though. episode 11 WILL start on Dec 24th (KoS’s 3rd anniversary) whether i’m completely done with it or not. mostly likely updates will be small until i’m certain i will finish.. before it does lol.

other note is that: stuff is still in store! and i’m planning on putting the cheap charms out for trick or treaters, so if you would like one, plz go check out what’s left! [here] there are also plenty of ep 10 and ep 1 reprint books left, but only 3 outfit tomes! do check out the store if you haven’t already.

Cover Contest Spotlight #2

TWO!! entries from toxic-lucky on tumblr!! kiigari looks GREAT in both! i love the “I’m better than you” pose in the first one, and the glowy red spots on their face in the second are just *chef kiss* BUT… most of all………… LOOK HOW FLUFFY FLUFFER LOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna bury my face in that woof

ep 10 is ending on webtoon and tapas today (when this was originally posted), so now we’re all up to date! i’m still working on ep 11, but i think you’re all going to quite like it when its finished <3

Cover Contest Spotlight #1

kiigari sits on a tree, looking somewhat contemplative. text reads: KINGS OF SORTS EPISODE 2, JACKI @CRABBNG. cover by: Tobias Valentine"

(I decided these would be better as blog posts than as with the comic pages so i’m moving them here, thank you for your understanding)

FIRST KOS COVER CONTEST SPOTLIGHT!!! from the very first contest. i love this kiigari sm, made by my very lovely and talented friend TOBI! you can find him here: https://twitter.com/h0neymice 
i just love how peaceful but also vigilant they look. if that makes sense lol

anyways, i’m doing what i said i’d do. posting cover contest entries whilst kos is on break. not exactly sure when we’ll be back but. i’ll let u know when i do. also, i’ll likely have books tomorrow, so they’ll be available for online order saturday most likely. 

also also it’s hana’s bday tomorrow!!! wish him a happy birthday in whichever way you see fit.