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episode 11, page 6

hmmmm.... kiigari's bad at that.


panel 1: the maighstir says "they're just so hungry when they're young", looking jolly. she pauses before looking at kiigari with one eyebrow raised.
panel 2: maighstir: "ah. you're still here." kiigari: "um- yes, I thought-" she is blushing and looks slightly embarassed.
panel 3: the maighstir laughs and waves her hand at kiigari's thinking. maighstir: "oh, I don't need you doing that." she puts on a thinking face. maighstir: though if you have time to loiter..." she pauses thoughtfully again.
panel 4: maighstir (off screen): "I have a job for you, my little ridire~." kiigari is blushing and looking very eager and excited. kiigari: "of course Maighstir! what do you need??" maighstir: "I need you..."
panel 5: maighstir: "to make a friend." she's pointing her finger because she's making a point.

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