KoS 5 Year Anniversary Theme!

scanned marker and pen drawing. chibi hana looks through a large golden telescope with the words "kings of sorts 5 year anniversary" on it. behind him are large windows showing stars outside.

YES, it’s in December, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning the 5 year anniversary celebrations! This is more of an announcement of a theme than actually starting any festivities. I just wanted to give people a LONG chance if they wanted to participate.

and the theme this year is……. STARS!

scanned marker drawing. the word "stars" in light blue, with diamond shaped stars on either side.

Hana loves stars. They remind him that he, along with everyone else, is very very small. They also represent endless possibilities! I love them too, and so that’s what this anniversary celebration will be centered on.

There are no strict rules for participation. All that is required is to create some sort of fanwork (an art, a fic, a poem, a doodle, a think piece, a ramble, whatever) relating to the theme of stars! And Kings of Sorts.

And the special prize for participation is… your very own replica of Hana’s special little coin! It’s 1 inch in diameter and I’m so happy with how they came out.

Nearer to the actual anniversary, probably a couple months out, I’ll either put together a form, or put the coin as a free item in the shop, in order to collect addresses to send them out. Not sure which way would be easier (and not make people nervous about giving me their addresses lmao), so if you have any thoughts, let me know!

I will make another post when that happens though. So, in summary, the theme for the KoS 5 year anniversary is stars! You can start making something now, you can share it if you’d like! But I won’t be starting the giveaway portion of it until probably October.

A few other notes to wrap up:

here’s a website that loads a random Palestinian fundraiser when you refresh it [go help some people out] if you can!

the SpiderForest comic collective is running a Kickstarter for the [Immortal anthology] of comics! I have a goofy one in there about Bon dying in various funny ways. check it out if you’re interested!

promo for immortal anthology Kickstarter, ends may 22. spiderforest.com/kickstarter. a panel of bon passing away from eating old spaghetti. a little ghost is flying out of him.

and finally.. KoS returns June 6th with Episode 12! I can’t wait to show you everything I have cooked up >:) see you then!

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