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episode 12, page 8

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can you believe 'someone that i used to know' came out in 2011? that's when i graduated high school... wild. anyways i just got that CD from the library

hana still looking at kiigari desperately for any kind of support, literally anything, please help me help mE HELP ME-

i'm still having fun doing art fight [here's] my profile

and as per usual, if you have extra money on hand, check out [Gaza Funds] and pick out a gofundme to support. every little bit helps. [here's] also the esim guide in case that's a way you want to help out



panel 1: Kiigari looks flatly at Hana. Kiigari: "ah." she pauses, looking almost concerned, before being interrupted by a Ding Dong doorbell noise.
panel 2: Hana freezes, scared by the voice the accompanies the doorbell. Voice (it's the Maighstir): "oh? installed a doorbell, did you?"
panel 3: Hana cowers at his desk. The Maighstir leans over it, talking to Hana. Maighstir: "didn't want me sneaking up on you?" Hana: "n-no.. ma'am..." Kiigari shoots out of her chair and bows very dramatically. Kiigari: "Maighstir!"
panel 4: The Maighstir raises an eyebrow at Kiigari. Maighstir: "ah. Ridire." she rolls her eyes and shoos Kiigari away with a hand. Maighstir: "why don't you.. go find something else to do. I want some alone time with my new toy."
panel 5: Kiigari looks shocked, and a bit heartbroken.
panel 6: Hana looks up fearfully at Kiigari. almost looks pleading her to stay, to do SOMETHING.
panel 7: Kiigari walks out, glaring at Hana.


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