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episode 11, page 5

oh maighstir, you so and so. always up to something. i'm trying to figure out what to do with the transcripts because the 'read more' function doesn't work here for whatever reason, but i'm also busy so for now they'll just awkwardly go below this.


panel 1: we see kiigari's back as she's walking into the maighstir's office. the maighstir is admiring a chair made of bones, saying "Oh, beautiful work, Mr. Shalaey. it will be lovely to be so close to some of my favorite specimen." a voice from off screen, presumably Mr. Shalaey, says "of- of course, Ma'am, now can-" before he is cut off.
panel 2: the maighstir waves her hand at a preachan, saying "he can be disposed of now." the preachan responds "of course", nodding.
panel 3: kiigari hands the maighstir a bloody bag, and says "I have the herats you requested, Maighstir." The maighstir looks pleased and says "ah! delightful." somewhere in the background, Mr. Shalaey screams "wait no- please!" In the background, preachan are packing things from the maighstir's office. it looks like she's doing some office renovations.
panel 4: maighstir, looking sneaky, says "give these and Mr. Shalaey to the new house." to a preachan, who nods. off screen Mr Shalaey screams "WAIT-"

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