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episode 11, page 7

quite awkward. please quit that.

panel 1: kiigari looks extremely aprehensive. kiigari: "...make a friend."
panel 2: kiigari is nervously waving her hands at a glaring maighstir. maighstir: "..." kiigari: "I- I'm not questioning you- I just- you must have a goal!"
panel 3: the maighstir looks very smug, she is ready to lecture kiigari. maighstir: "my little ridire... you may not know this- I know your social skills are..." the maighstir manages to look even more smug. maighsitr: "lacking."
panel 4: kiigari stares at the maighstir talking, slightly aprehensive. maighstir (off screen): "but you can get a great deal of information when you get close to someone. and the closer you get..."
panel 5: the maighstir grabs at her throat in ecstacy, her face flush. "the more deliciously sweet the betrayal will be."
panel 6: kiigari is looking cartoonish, blushing with big round eyes. she is somewhat uncomfortable. maighstir (off screen): "just thinking about it makes me mmmmahh~" she is moaning and it's awkward.
panel 7: kiigari turns around, looking even blushier and sweatier and more uncomfortable. the maighstir has calmed down slightly, face slightly flushed, looking off towards the side. maighstir: "hm. well. let's just say it makes for a good night."

4 thoughts on “episode 11, page 7

  1. She says it with such disgust. ‘Friend’ =S

    1. 😬😬😬 friend 🤢🤢🤢🤮

  2. Friend (derogative) and betrayal (flirtaceous)

    1. a totally normal way to view the world

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