a bunch of screens have turned on, with aya's face in all of them. she seems to be glitching out though, her text is indecipherable except for "Hana-!" Hana: "Ay-Aya?!"
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episode 10, page 63

whomst?? she looks like that machine girl from episode 6, page 31. how curious. anyways WHOOP there it is. end of ep 10. it'll be a while until i'm able to start posting ep 11 (as i'm not done with it. ALMOST THO!)

in the meantime, what i THINK i'll do is post full versions of all the cover contest pics i've received! starting with the oldest, working towards the ones i just got. just to give everyone a little more credit and love. it'll be weekly like the comic is. so that's the plan. for now though, i'm off to Maryland tomorrow for SPX! come see me at table W37A if you are coming <3 the outfit book WILL be there and available, along with the redone ep 1 and new ep 10 books (and everything inbetween). so yeah, i'm VERY nervous but excited to see anyone there !!

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