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episode 10, page 19

he's having fun



3 panels separated by music bars and lyrics.
panel 1: bon summons a garden of colorful flowers, exciting the people watching his performance. there are images on the walls, golden buildings and dragons, and a sky turning from day to night. lyrics: "gardens filled with blooms that glow so bright"
panel 2: bon continues to sing, a dragon flies in front of a night sky on the wall. lyrics: "great dragons soaring high"
panel 3: baby points at a dragon, pictured on the floor, tera turns around, startled. lyrics: "and floating low".

4 thoughts on “episode 10, page 19

  1. i love that green haired person in the top left corner sm,,, they’re p-pretty πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

    1. also the one on the right with green skin & dark hair, they’re also super pretty! well in general all your background characters look amazing and I love every single one of them

      1. ehehe that one is mine, i love making fun background characters

    2. thank you! that’s actually an oc of one of my patreon patrons ☺️☺️

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