Ep 11 KS Pre-launch Page Live!!

On the left: a mockup of book 11. On the right, books 1-10 showing the covers made by various artists in various styles. Under the books is the Kings of Sorts logo.

check it out!! and sign up to get notified on launch! [HERE!]

here are some of the goodies, just to remind you:

yahuul charm and hana/bon 3 pc standee, available with the book or as add-ons!

on the left: a charm with yahuul riding a mix between a yak and a slug. text underneath reads: "yahuul + yak slug charm! (about 2 inches)" on the right: a chibi hana and bon standee. text in upper right reads: "chibi bon and hana standee. about 3.75 inches high by about 7.5 inches long by about 3.75 inches wide. with holographic finish!"

the TOME of outfit designs is getting a reprint and will be available for purchase as an add-on!

outfit design commissions! only available during the KS and in limited number!

and a stretch goal of $2000 where all physical object orders will get these two VERY cute charms!!

so yes, check it out, sign up to be notified on launch! [HERE!]

also, as a note, all other books will be available in sets of 5 for the KS (1-5 and 6-10). individual books will be available after the KS in the store here!


it’s my beautiful boy’s birthday!!! so happy for him.

but the actual news is: i got the box of books i shipped back from SPX! so, books (and other things) will be going up for sale online TOMORROW! around noon CDT.

there’s 9 outfit tomes left so if you want one…. grab one.

also a note, there’s like 5 of the ep 6 and 7 books left so if you want one of THOSE, do grab one.


I really should have announced here that I was going to be at SPX, shouldn’t I. Regardless, it’s done. Hopefully I will have more time to focus on actually making comics, but with work and school starting out again… I can’t promise things will come quickly. Ep 11 is about 2/3 done though, so you will not have to wait forever.

With regards to the shop: books and extras will be added after I’m able to take stock of what is left after the show! I have some books at my sister’s place, so I’m guessing I’ll have everything by this weekend.

SPX was super fun!! It was absolutely terrifying the first half of the first day, but I got more comfortable and (somewhat) better at talking by the end of the second day. It was a fast track to learning how people respond to different pitches haha. So: scary, but extremely useful.

I’d love to do more stuff like that in the future! After a little while though, I have to recover from all that. Also I’d like to focus on comics fairs……………… near me lol.

I’m rambling but TL;DR: books (including the outfit tome) will likely be in the online shop this weekend and I had a good time.

Episode 8 Kickstarter!

the KOS Ep 8 print version is going on KICKSTARTER! the prelaunch page is up now, go check it out and sign up to get notified when it launches!! which will be 01Nov2021!


I’m very excited about this, I haven’t tried kickstarter before but i feel like it could be fun!! (and more organize than preorders haha)

here’s a quick rundown of the different tiers and such:

Episode 8 PDF
PDF Book
Episodes 1-8 PDFs
8× PDF Book
Lore PDF
Episode 8 Physical Copy
Physical Book
Lore PDF
Episode 8 Preorder Pack 1
Physical Book
Lore PDF
Aoife Riding Charm
Episode 8 Preorder Pack 2
Physical Book
Lore PDF
Aoife Riding Charm
Pillow Charm
Episode 8 Preorder Pack 3
Physical Book
Lore PDF
Aoife Riding Charm
6× Pillow Charm
Full Series Pack 1
8× Physical Book
Lore PDF
Full Series Pack 2
8× Physical Book
Lore PDF
5× Riding Charm
6× Pillow Charm

NO my titles for the tiers are not very creative but hey… they’re relatively descriptive.

the stretch goals will be:

$550 – Aoife Pillow Charm unlocked
$600 – Hana Pillow Charm unlocked
$650 – SECOND Hana Pillow Charm unlocked

and speaking of pillow charms here are all the final designs:

and add ons will be available (if i’ve done everything correctly..) so here’s all the available addons:

$1 – PDF
$7 – chimken pin
$7 – pillow charm
$9 – riding charm
$10 – baby pin
$11 – hana pen charm
$11 – lava bon charm
$29 – book

I THINK THAT’S IT!!! please click the button to get notified when it launches!! cause that will make ME happy and it will make YOU happy when you know u will not miss out. the KS will be open for 30 days, so ends on 30Nov2021. <3 <3