I really should have announced here that I was going to be at SPX, shouldn’t I. Regardless, it’s done. Hopefully I will have more time to focus on actually making comics, but with work and school starting out again… I can’t promise things will come quickly. Ep 11 is about 2/3 done though, so you will not have to wait forever.

With regards to the shop: books and extras will be added after I’m able to take stock of what is left after the show! I have some books at my sister’s place, so I’m guessing I’ll have everything by this weekend.

SPX was super fun!! It was absolutely terrifying the first half of the first day, but I got more comfortable and (somewhat) better at talking by the end of the second day. It was a fast track to learning how people respond to different pitches haha. So: scary, but extremely useful.

I’d love to do more stuff like that in the future! After a little while though, I have to recover from all that. Also I’d like to focus on comics fairs……………… near me lol.

I’m rambling but TL;DR: books (including the outfit tome) will likely be in the online shop this weekend and I had a good time.

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