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episode 11, page 42

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whomp whomp. i'm sure nothing bad will come of this.

SPIDERFOREST APPLICATION SEASON ENDS JUNE 30TH! (tomorrow, if you're reading this the day its posted)


on the right, the spiderForest logo. text: "spider forest webcomic collective 2023 application season, june 4th through 30th. spiderforest.com/apply" next to the url, the spiderforest mascot, a purple and black spider with word bubbles on its back, reads a comic on a laptop in front of it. on the left, a selection of panels from different spiderforest comics. featuring bonic from kings of sorts, darrell from honestly not a robot, and emmie from now recharging, all making some sort of goofy shocked expression.


panel 1: kiigari grins slyly. she replies to hana's inquiry about getting information on the ReAm program. kiigari: "maybe if you play nice-". unknown (off-screen): oh? he'll have to do much more than that."
panel 2: it was the maighstir. she walks in with two preachan behind her. kiigari jumps out of her seat and bows. kiigari: "Maighstir!!"
panel 3: hana frowns, facing away from them all. the maighstir points at him and goads him on. kiigari glares at hana for not being more respectful. the maighstir: "if you want to ask for something, you'll have to do it while groveling on the floor."
panel 4: silence. hana is ignoring the maighstir. she drops her finger, waiting for a response (humorously).

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  1. Never hear of groveling, could you demonstrate it? Please. Show me your best grovel, I’m sure you do it far better than I ever could.

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