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episode 11, page 41

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hana, idk if you really want to know about it. he looks cute tho

spiderforest application season ends JUNE 30TH! if you're interested... apply! you can always back out lmao

on the right, the spiderForest logo. text: "spider forest webcomic collective 2023 application season, june 4th through 30th. spiderforest.com/apply" next to the url, the spiderforest mascot, a purple and black spider with word bubbles on its back, reads a comic on a laptop in front of it. on the left, a selection of panels featuring hana from kings of sorts. one portrait of him pointing up, explaining something, one where he's looking at a dragon skeleton on a cracked wall, and one without color where he's crying.

a hana themed promo for you today, enjoy.



panel 1: a closeup of hana's face, we can't see his eyes. kiigari lounges in the background. hana: "what... what happened in the- in that program?" kiigari: "shouldn't you know? you were in it."
panel 2: hana looks down, a bit ashamed. hana: "I don't really remember any of it..." he rubs the back of his head bashfully. hana: "just bits and pieces.. barely even that."
panel 3: kiigari raises an eyebrow at that. she shrugs. kiigari: "reconstruction and amalgamation. you got tested on."
panel 4: hana looks at kiigari, more confused than alarmed. kiigari (off-screen, continuing): "tinctures, sigils, crystals, potions, all the like. to see if they could make you lot into something useful."
panel 5: kiigari does an impish little grin and laughs. kiigari (continuing): "it was shut down thoough, so I guess they never got there."
panel 6: hana remembers what the priomh said. priomh (in hana's memory): "...required significant work and yielded few results..." he looks saddened by this confirmation of her words. hana: "right..." he perks up and looks back to kiigari. hana: "could I... could I read about that somewhere?"

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