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episode 11, page 4

the only thing is....... i'm stuck here with two mean ladies and a weird king and they want me to get this thing to work but i dont want to ://

WELCOME TO EP 11 BABEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the next updates will be on their regular day (thursday). the first 3 updates after this are each going to be 4 pages, we're going to see where everyone is at. after that, i'll be going one page a week until i feel comfortable with the buffer i have.

panel 1: hana looks down. "I just need the coin back." he turns to the side. "and then I can finish the message- and find her." he turns completely around, back towards the camera. "the only thing now is..."
panel 2: a panel just showing the dragon forge. at the bottom, it says "KINGS OF SORTS". this is the title drop.

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  1. YAAAAASSA KOSDAY also hana ;-;

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