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episode 11, page 3

widdle guy............. i scoop you up, i take you home

panel 1: hana hunches over the console, saying "suathaideas.." (oh bother, damn)
panel 2: hana looks up, excitedly, and says (implied to be in scottish gaelic) but that still means she- she's out there!"
panel 3: hana pumps his fists, looking very happy. "and she wants to see me!" he pauses. "she- she didn't leave cause i was... was..."
panel 4: a dimmed memory of hana's. he is small and looking up at someone talking. another person is putting something on his wrist. most of the dialogue is in shadow, except the word "defective".
panel 5: hana's back is turned to the camera. he repeats: "defective". he then wipes his eyes and sniffs.

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