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episode 11, page 30

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how does it feel hana. to be the cutest boy in the world.

hana: (spends 0.2 seconds around his beloved technology)
hana: (forgets no one else does) yeah haha clothing generators, right? love them.

the kickstarter is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll be posting a timeline on KS for backers... soon. it's nice not having anything i need to link down here. just my ramblings.


panel 1: hana jabs his thumb at some machinery in the back of the room. hana: "oh, they've got one of those clothing generators here."
panel 2: kiigari looks at hana like he's grown a second head. they squint their eyes. kiigari: "what."
panel 3: hana looks away and sweats. hana: "oh- right..."
panel 4: hana gestures to the machine with both hands. kiigari stands by, hand on hip, judging him. hana: "uh- well- you just choose some clothes- it'll scan you to get the right fit."
panel 5: kiigari raises an eyebrow. they thing this is all quite strange. hana (off-screen): then it's got a bunch of threads and fibers and whatnot, so it just makes them for you!"
panel 6: hana makes a quotation motion with his fingers. he's looking to the side, somewhat miffed. hana: "nothing 'current' though... I couldn't figure out how to format clothing files properly..."
panel 7: kiigari continues to stare at hana. hana rubs the back of his head, sweating. hana: "so I had to learn to sew and make those myself, haha. not well though.."
panel 8: kiigari judgementally glares with a hand on their hip. hana pauses awkwardly.
panel 9: hana continues awkwardly, pointing to the side and continuing to sweat nervously. hana: "aaaand if you don't want them anymore... put them back in and they get recycled!"
panel 10: hana grins, he is so excited about recycling. hana: "neat, right?" kiigari crosses their arms and glares over their shoulder, clearly annoyed with all this. kiigari: "so, it's some magic bullshit then."
panel 11: hana holds his chin, thinking. kiigari continues their annoyed glaring. hana: "mm... not really..."

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