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episode 11, page 31

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sobbing and crying, that's my little guy, my perfect man, my baby boy (the first panel is really cute imo)


panel 1: hana points to a little model he is imagining. it is creating a t-shirt. his other hand is raised because he is talking with his hands. he looks VERY joyful about his explanation. hana: "it's mostly like... 3D modeling with textile production, but on a really small scale"
panel 2: hana continues. kiigari looks like she wants to be elsewhere. hana (off-screen): the magic stuff is usually regulated to say, preventing degredation of the mechanical components, not really for the actual functionality."
panel 3: tiny hana and kiigari stare at each other in silence. hana has a satisfied smile, kiigari looks miffed.
panel 4: a similar shot to panel 3. kiigari: "shouldn't you be working." hana whips around, flustered. hana: "I was- just getting to that!"
panel 5: kiigari and hana walk back into the main part of the dragon forge, where the glass dome is. hana is putting on his green lab jacket. kiigari has her hands in her pockets. hana: "so.. uh.. what are you doing here anyways?"

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  1. ahhhh he really is! this page is just about him being cute, nothing else to see

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