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episode 11, page 27

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special monday update! because there are only two weeks left of the Kickstarter! (also because this page doesn't have a lot going on and i felt bad posting it as the only page this week)

in other news: the Ep 11 Kickstarter is officially funded! hooray! there's still the $2000 stretch goal for free hana and bon chibi face charms with every physical item order, and we're less than $400 away from reaching that :o !! so, do check it out. there's still 'get into KoS' tier space available, as well as icon/outfit design commissions.

icon commissions ($8): 9 left of 10
casual design comm ($20): 2 left of 10
detailed design comm ($30): 1 left of 5
very detailed design comm ($50): 2 left of 3


panel 1: tera smiles back at bon as they walk towards a tower with a ramp going up.
panel 2: kiigari walks down the steps into the dragon forge, looking suspicious of it all.
panel 3: kiigari glares at some music coming from behind all the colorful machinery.

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