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episode 12, page 7

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Hana not immediately infodumping :(( this is what removing his fingers does. CONSEQUENCES!!!

in other news.. i'm having fun drawing characters on art fight! [here's] my profile <3 i'll actually be coloring some today!

as per usual, if you have extra money on hand, i encourage you to check out [Gaza Funds] and pick out a gofundme to support. every little bit helps. [here's] also the esim guide in case that's a way you want to help out


panel 1: Kiigari sits facing Hana. they're far apart, each sitting by some purple colored machinery. Hana is working on something and Kiigari looks bored and/or annoyed.
panel 2: 3 drawings of Kiigari looking more and more uncomfortable.
panel 3: Kiigari finally breaks the silence. "so. what are you doing." she asks flatly.
panel 4: Hana pauses before answering: "...coding." Kiigari, not understanding, replies: "...ah."
panel 5: Kiigari glares toward Hana, who is still facing away from her, very peeved that he's not just going to infodump at her.
panel 6: Kiigari (offscreen): "what's that". Hana sighs before turning a little and shrugging. "just... writing out instructions for the computer."

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  1. nooo hana :((

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