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episode 12, page 6

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the man himself.... brought to you by: i was auditing a lot at the time so i was really thinking about document numbers and revisions.

look at the tiny hand... :'(

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panel 1: Bon continues what he was saying on the last page: "I want to make sure he gets the happy, carefree life he deserves.. the one he's never gotten to have.." Hana is looking down nervously at a folder labeled "06128, subject history record, confidential."
panel 2: a closeup on some paperwork, we can't see much besides the number "06128" and a tiny handprint.
panel 3: a wider view of the paperwork. there's are a few sheets with a lot of writing on them, one with a face marked with x's in some locations, with the paper with the tiny handprint on it. Hana's hand hovers over the handprint, making it look even smaller.
title drop: Kings of Sorts. in the form of a mock document footer, text at the bottom reads: "reconstruction and amaglamation, Document #3062 Revision H. page 12 of 54".

some of the text legible in panel 3:
the subject is a-
nonverbal, babbling-
it is distracted extreme-
can not concentrate on a sin-
task effectively.
subject responded well to physical reprimand and was brought into submission easily.
shows signs of insulin resistance.
Though subject is defective, it is young and docile. Studies of how experimental measures react to the rapidly changing body of a child would be useful.
The father appears to be in financial distress.
Suggestion to reduce offer due to defects.
NQN [illegible]
BENEFICIARIES: Kishi & Petunia Zahra
Subject 06128: Najm Zahra
Approved by: [Priomh's messy signature]
Doc # 12114, Rev 10, 5 of 5.

on the page behind it:
f. s-
mL, oral-
Replace s-
Test subje-
Place Comp-

page behind THAT page:
[checked box] Requires no restraints.
type: [blank line]
In Trial:
[unchecked box] Requires no restraints.
[checked box] Phy- Res-
Type: Lea-

The page with the face on it has x's where Hana's nose piercings are, near the ears, and one below the chin. Whatever text would be on the page is not legible.

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  1. Hana’s fingers 🥺🥺🥺

    1. 😭😭 rip to his fingers

    2. I hope he can get new ones.

  2. Please, I want these two cuties to be happy together! Why are they making me so sad when I see them now? They deserve so much better!!

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