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episode 12, page 5

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tera (grinding her teeth): i KNOW i'm supposed to respect his feelings but i REALLY want to tell him that this is stupid and i'm right :/

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panel 1: Bon finishes his thought from the previous page: "for someone who can't." Tera and Aoife look away, skeptical but also uncomfortable. Baby is looking at Aoife, she doesn't really know what's going on.
panel 2: Bon stares at them all for a moment, and then frowns, continuing: "I will do. ANYTHING-"
panel 3: Bon looks to be speaking to Tera in particular, he's frowning less, but still earnest. Bon: "if it get Hana out of here."
panel 4: Bon goes back to glaring. Bon: "and I won't let anyone." he glares harder and points his finger up to make a point. Bon: "you OR him-"
panel 5: he places a hand on his chest (still glaring). Bon: "risk that for MY sake" he swings his arm out. Bon: "EVER again."
panel 6: we can't see Bon's face, as we're now facing towards Aoife and Tera, who are looking more uncomfortable than skeptical now. Baby is still looking unaffected. he continues: "he's... always thinking about other people.. putting their feelings and needs above his own... but no one does the same for him."
panel 7: Bon looks to the side, he has more trouble making eye contact when he's not being angry. Bon: "doesn't matter if it includes me..." he smiles sadly, continuing: "it'd be better if it didn't..." he droops, troubled. Bon: "I... I just..."

2 thoughts on “episode 12, page 5

  1. jeez, bon, what a monologue. Also that’s some fancy snow white hair you’ve got there. Wonder when that happened.

  2. oh Bon, it’s nice that you take Hana as an example, but you don’t have to take it over the top and sacrifice yourself for this. And have you ever thought about that He Wants to think about you and care for you!?! You two better sit together in the future and improve your self worth with each other! You deserve the best version of each other!

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