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episode 11, page 9

he's totally fine btw, you didn't ask, but he's probably definitely not locked in a basement or whatever haha


panel 1: chaarose sits, her back to the viewer, facing a dresser that has two ring boxes on it. one holds her old engagement ring, one holds the ring with the green gem the ban gave her.
panel 2: the perspective switches to behind the rings, and we see chaar sighing and she holds her face in her hands. she's sitting on her bed.
panel 3: chaar is walking through a busy city street, with various shop owners setting up for the day. someone off-screen calls to chaar: "ah! chaarose!"
panel 4: chaar walks over to ms vega (who we haven't seen before, she was name-dropped earlier) in front of her bakery. chaar: "oh-! g-good morning ms. vega." ms vega: "where's your little friend?"
panel 5: ms vega (off-screen): "I have some of those apricot croissants he liked! fresh too!" chaar nervously grabs her arm and looks away. chaar: "o-oh- he-" chaar hunches in on herself more. chaar: "he's.. busy..."

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  1. I mean, he -is- busy

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