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episode 11, page 8

hmmmm.... rude. but also i know some people who may be interested in that position.

panel 1: the maighstir grinds her fingernails together angrily. maighstir: "anyways. I know that tiny bastard is going to try something."
panel 2: the maighstir points her finger at kiigari, so looks nervous about it. maighstir (off screen): "so YOU. are going to get him to spill whatever it is he's planning."
panel 3: the maighstir settles into her new bone chair, looking a bit more relaxed. in the background, preachan continue to move boxes. maighstir: "depending on what it is... he may make for a useful pawn. after some obedience training."
panel 4: the maighstir's heeled boot is all we see. maighstir: "regardless. I plan to have the little toad as my footstool within the month."

4 thoughts on “episode 11, page 8

  1. BONE CHAIR!!!!!

    1. 😈😈😈 BONES!!!

  2. You’re really getting a kick out of turning her into a monster, aren’t you?

    1. she’s very fun to write 🤣

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