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episode 11, page 60

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forgot to prep this ahead of time whoopsie poopsie, but here it is.



panel 1: aoife facepalms. aoife: "look." she takes her hand from her face and looks to aji. aoife: "you can't predict what would've happened if things went SLIGHTLY differently." she shrugs her shoulders in frustration. aoife: "LIKE- could be worse. who knows."
panel 2: she leans over and pokes aji on the forehead. aoife: "so, get your head out of the past. and think about what you can do NOW."
panel 3: aji lets out a little laugh, then looks to aoife, smiling. aji: "you don't pull your punches, huh?"
panel 4: aoife shrugs and winks. aoife: "I only tell it like I see it."
panel 5: a faraway shot of aoife and aji smiling and chatting. a figure in a blue hood is watching them. aji: "do people ever hassle you for that?" aoife: "oh, all the time."
panel 6: the figure is revealed to be a preachan, and there is another one behind them. aji laughs as aoife continues (off-screen): "then a week later they're coming back all 'oh, you were right' and i'm like- 'GIRL, I KNOW!'"

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  1. Experienced Big Sister Aoife coming in with the tough love

    1. perfect person to talk to for this! 👏

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