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episode 11, page 61

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i agree, marsione. fascinating.

i have moved into a house now. i'm really tired. i will most likely either be updating wednesday or thursday afternoon/evenings instead of thursday morning. my computer is upstairs now, and i haven't been using it before i go to work like i previously used to. does it really matter? no. a page will appear weekly regardless.


panel 1: tera, bonic, and marione appear in a dirt walled hallway. tera claps her hands together excitedly. tera: "ah! using your blood as a key for a transport circle. very clever!" marsione smiles as she sucks the blood back into her hand. marsione: "quite." bonic raises an eyebrow at both of them.
panel 2: tera pumps her fist in the air as marsione continues down the hallway. tera: "blood magic and necromancy. a most excellent degree pairing." bonic looks at her with a pained expression. he doesn't love necromancy.
panel 3: teraat (off-screen): "where did you go to school?" marsione turns to answer: "i was in the academy at Moonwall, long before Arsanaig fell." she shrugs. marsione: "unbelievable as it is now, that was the only place to study the necrotic arts at the time."
panel 4: marsione turns to continue walking but pauses. we see her back. marsione: "you know..."
panel 5: she half turns around. marsione: "it was during my time at Moonwall that the creation of a "basbeo" was first theorized." she turns to look behind her.
panel 6: bonic looks at marsione with surprise and a little fear as she continues.
panel 7: marsione smiles at bonic. marsione: "facinating creatures.. don't you think?"
panel 8: tera is distracted as marsione addresses her. marsione (off-screen): "if you have written any literature on them, Doctor, I'd love to add it to my collection." teraat: "i suppose making a basbeo does count as necromancy.. maybe i could get an honorary degree..."


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