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episode 11, page 59

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hey US friends, call your representatives now and tell them you want a ceasefire for gaza, and also that you oppose HR 6126 (it's a bill, u can look it up). call them after hours and leave a message, that's my strategy, because i have terrible phone anxiety.

also this crowdfunding campaign for autumn wing book 2 is nearly over and still has 15% to go! please check it out and support it if you can.

in other news, i'm buying a house next week. wild.


panel 1: ajieti's memories. bon is being lead away by some faceless guards. he's pretty bloody and bruised and has some sort of sigil painted on his neck. aji watches from the background, visibly concerned, while carroway stands behind them, counting coins. the room around them is damaged. aji (voiceover): "and the first chance they got- Carroway ratted him out.. got him sent back to the Generals. was paid well for it too.."
panel 2: aji looks down, troubled. aji: "i know.. technically i didn't have a part in it... not really..."
panel 3: aoife leans against the wall, listening to aji, who is gesturing with their hands. aji: "but i still feel guilty, you know? about introducing him to Carroway."
panel 3: aoife shrugs. aoife: "that must've been where he was happiest though, right?"
panel 4: she looks to the side judgementally. aoife: "otherwise he would've stopped sneaking out of Allidah to go play with y'all." she raises her shoulders in a bit of annoyance. aoife: "because it turned out terribly literally every time."
panel 5: aoife turns back to aji, looking a bit more gentle. aoife: "like.. i doubt your friend knew how bad it'd get that last time. could be they thought he'd be back out in a couple months like normal." aji still looks visibly troubled.
panel 6: aji weakly concedes: "i guess...." aoife looks annoyed.

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