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episode 11, page 58

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a little peek into the past! it was bad.

here's a little drawing i did to celebrate the 17th chapter of beloved KoS au fanfic City Lights (chapter 18 is also already out)


panel 1: ajieti fiddles with the joint in their hands. we can't see their face. aji: "you... you lose anyone?"
panel 2: aoife shrugs, looking unaffected. aoife: "lots of people. my father, friends, neighbors.." she looks to the side, visibly sad. aoife: "too many to count."
panel 3: aji looks down, looking sort of guilty. they look off to the side. aji: "have you... forgiven him?"
panel 4: aoife looks down, smiling. aoife: "I don't know... it's hard to see a monster when you're watching the guy carefully tying a little girl's shoes..."
panel 5: aoife's memory. a bruised, bloody, and starved bon is held up by the arm by the Eighth General, Catriona Ochgev, his mom. she looks like she's giving some sort of speech to a large crowd. aoife (voiceover): "we all saw what his mother and the other Generals did to him.."
panel 6: aoife's memory. she stands next to her mother, who is clapping. she looks uncertain. aoife (voiceover, continuing): "encouraged it even..."
panel 7: aoife's memory. she starts clapping. aoife (voiceover, continuing): "knowing we played a part in it, haunts us more than anything."
panel 8: aji smiles ruefully. aji: "you know.. he said he's changed but.." they shrug. aji: "he really hasn't."
panel 9: aji's memory. aji waves excitedly at bon, who is shoving a spoon in his mouth and turning away. carroway stands behind aji, smiling with an eyebrow raised. aji (voiceover): "he's always pushed people away. tried to distance himself."
panel 10: aji's memory. aji smiles widely, their arms slung around bon and carroway's shoulders. carroway is smiling and winking, holding onto aji's hand over their shoulder. bon is smiling and blushing, looking off to the side. aji (voiceover, continuing): "we had a little bard trio going for a while.. off and on."
panel 11: aji smiles wistfully. aji: "him, me, and my friend carroway. it took a while.. but we finally got him to let his guard down..."

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  1. If the people who did this to him weren’t dead already, I would be having words with them. Violently.

    1. but are they ALL dead?? 🤔🤔😏😏😏😏

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