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episode 11, page 57

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'it' references the complete destruction of a country (Arsanaig) by an evil man (Bon)

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Week of October 16: Future Worlds

Two comics about steam and solar punk worlds of technological wonder... and the mysteries hovering just under the surface of everything.

Key to the Future's Fate
Key to the Future's Fate - The brilliant young Leon Candel has been brought to a solarpunk future with the expectation of making the world a paradise. But something's wrong... are the powers that be hiding something under this fragile utopia?

Steamgear, Inc.
Steamgear, Inc. - Ax always dreamed of working alongside her brother and changing the world by becoming a Steamgear Defender - until she learns of his death. Now, Ax will stand up for what's right and change the world in a different way, even if she has to break through the world's greatest fighters to do it!


panel 1: aoife walks out the back door of the restaurant "Ben's Seafood", wiping her hands on the apron she's wearing. ajieti is sitting in a folding chair, holding a joint, looking downtrodden.
panel 2: aoife leans against the wall. aoife: "you're back early." ajieti goes to take a toke of their joint.
panel 3: aji blows out the smoke. aji: "did you live in Arsanaig when it went down?
panel 4: aoife raises one eyebrow very high, then frowns. aoife: "right in the capital." she looks at her nails nonchalantly. aoife: "saw the worst of it go down."

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