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episode 11, page 56

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the RESTRICTED SECTION?!?!! it's library time <3


Week of October 9 - Chosen Ones and Dark Destinies

These stories explore people with extraordinary powers... but a dark path to walk.

Aster and the Fire
Aster and the Fire - A failed Chosen One accidentally falls into the life of magic-fueled crime.

In This Darkened Land
In This Darkened Land - Enter the Chosen One and his mortal enemy, bound together by a curse which makes them feel each other's pain.

i've been in the midst of buying a house and a shit ton of work stuff and school stuff and frankly i am dying. but i did finish like 7 pages of ep 12, which are on the patreon. the link to that is in the right sidebar i like. also check out the shop, idk.


panel 1: marsione taps some papers on her desk. marsione: "you said your friend was technologically inclined, yes? he's likely still of use to them."
panel 2: marsione cleans off her quill. marsione: "being kept in a secure location. possibly as a thrall."
panel 3: tera puts her hand to her chin, thinking. tera: "if that's true... he's probably in the lower levels.. it could narrow down our search... we just need maps..." bon watches as marsione picks up a large rug off the floor. marsione: "right. Marcel, we'll be out for a while. mind the office, won't you?"
panel 4: the skull on marsione's desk, presumably Marcel, responds: "yes, ma'am!" bon flinches at the skull speaking.
panel 5: marsione cuts open her palm. blood dramatically spills out and flows around and into a magic circle carved onto the floor. marsione: "we're going to the restricted section." tera watches in excitement. bon looks unsettled.

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