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episode 11, page 55

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now. does tera know he can't read or does she just think he's being an asshole. the answer may seem obvious, but really think about it.

since we last saw each other i found a mushroom growing out of the ceiling in my bathroom. and started looking for a house to buy.

i cant remember if i mentioned this, but there's new posters and stickers and stuff in the store. they're really cool! and there's some lightly damaged stuff for very cheap.


Week of October 2 - The Bonds We Share

Whether familial, platonic or romantic, these new SpiderForest comics explore bonds that can't be broken, no matter the journey.

Patchwork and Lace
Patchwork and Lace - They escaped life alone. Now they’ll fight for life together.

Runaway Drakaina
Runaway Drakaina - Two best friends face a world of magic, freedom, and the troubles of attempting to understand both.

The Quest of Casey Tailor
The Quest of Casey Tailor - For better or worse everything changes and nothing lasts forever. A story of magic, adventure and sibling bonds.

i actually have already read, and made fanart for, two of these series! and i'm sure the third is great as well. enjoy my patchwork and lace and runaway drakaina fanarts.

sheol and lilika from the webcomic patchwork and lace. in the top right there is a tiny drawing of them holding hands. the larger image is of them in fancy pink and purple outfits, with one arm around the other. ellie and jane from the webcomic runaway drakaina. on the left is a drawing of them in nice but still casual clothes. jane is wearing a green and purple look with pants, and ellie is wearing a purple and blue look with skirts. they have one arm around each other. on the right is a small comic. panel 1: ellie says: "oh no, i feel like i gotta sneeze". jane looks unperturbed. panel 2: ellie breaths in, about to sneeze. jane is still calm, thinking: "this is normal :)". panel 3: ellie does a big old sneeze and flames come out. they are both alarmed by this.


panel 1: bon snatches away the magazine from tera. bon: "gimme that-" tera protests: "hey!"
panel 2: bon stares blankly at the pages for a moment. oh wait. he cannot read.
panel 3: he turns back to tera. bon: "what's it say." tera glares at him.
panel 4: tera gets the magazine back and reads through the article. tera: "just that they've been seen with each other. the king was seen without his crown while with Hana..."
panel 5: tera continues (off-screen): "a sign of vulnerability... or something." bon is shaking, very visibly annoyed but keeping a mostly straight face. his palm is full of lava. bon: "if he's leading Hana on, I'm burning down his castle." tera interjects: "please don't."
panel 6: marsione flips through another magazine. marsione: "more recently it looks like he's gone missing."
panel 7: hana looks at marsione while she reads, visibly concerned. tera looks at bon, also concerned. marsione continues (off-screen): "a maid in the castle claims he was gone overnight. his room was completely refurbished."
panel 8: marsione continues: "no sign of him since-" she flips the magazine around to look at the back. marsione: "well, this was printed a couple days ago."
panel 8: tera pulls her hands up near her face nervously. tera: "what if we're too late? what if he's... gone?" bon glares, hands going back to lava. bon: "then i'll melt the whole city into the ground! i don't give a shit!!"

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  1. how about just the castle, Bon?

  2. Aagh, I’m caught up!

  3. An entirely valid reaction Bon

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